Requiem For The Fallen Angels

30" x 40"

From The Ecosystem In Abstract Series: A metaphorical journey into the crisis of the encroachment of civilization. Those that stood at the frontier of nature and man have fallen to make way for the self-proclaimed gods of creation. In this case the ‘fallen angels’ are the original citizens of the great North American rainforest and the architect of their fall is our own hubris. This is an object-oriented abstract expressionist painting using 2 x 2 timbers made from the trees of the rainforest as the painting instruments, thus connecting the results of the fall with those that have fallen. Professional acrylics were used in the creation of this painting, as a well as a small amount of artist’s oil colors for the leaf debris (using actual leaves for instruments). This series is a testimony to the battle of man and nature, a battle where nature must inevitably lose. Wordless, this statement speaks loudly and clearly to anyone who will listen.




Copyright © 2001-2004 Chriss Pagani
Additional comments and notes by Christa Haight & Dr. R. Porter

Abstract Paintings | Abstract Impressionist & Impressionism | Neo-Expressionism, Expressionist, Survivor & Pop Art
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