In The Bed Of The Primeval

30" x 40"

From The Ecosystem In Abstract Series: Third in the series, in the whole world there is no place more full of life – and loss – than the floor of the ancient rainforests. The visionary shall not see, nor the prophets record, the end to which it shall all come. ...A metaphorical journey through the rainforest, this is an object oriented abstract expressionist painting. In keeping with the object-oriented style, dead branches and leaves found on the forest floor were used as painting tools in the creation of this work. Artist’s oils on triple primed stretched canvas.




Copyright © 2001-2004 Chriss Pagani
Additional comments and notes by Christa Haight & Dr. R. Porter

Abstract Paintings | Abstract Impressionist & Impressionism | Neo-Expressionism, Expressionist, Survivor &Pop Art
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