The Progress Of Intrusion & Destrucion

30" x 40"

From The Ecosystem In Abstract Series: Second of the series... Expansion and greed drive away the things that once were, the exercise of human sovereignty collaborates with apathy, fear and powerlessness to engineer the destruction of what is. A metaphorical journey through the death of the rainforest, this is an object-oriented abstract expressionist painting. In the creation of this work the artist used sticks and twigs found on the forest floor as painting instruments. Added to this mixture and to show the impact of human intrusion, a found CD case and an empty bottle of rum were also used as painting tools for the final touches. Only the best oil paints were used in the creation of this work on triple primed canvas.




Copyright © 2001-2004 Chriss Pagani
Additional comments and notes by Christa Haight & Dr. R. Porter

Abstract Paintings | Abstract Impressionist & Impressionism | Neo-Expressionism, Expressionist, Survivor &Pop Art
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